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A polariod photo's of a DJ playing a set in Ginger and Gray's.
Polariod photo's of the Ginger and Gray's interior design.

The price will depent on the number of persons. Our rate is 17.90 per person.  (17.90 EUR/head plus VAT)


This will include final cleaning, staff and the German Gema rate. 


Inside our Café we have room for 50 seating places. In the summer we have an extra 40 seating places outside on our terras. 

Your event can go outside until 22:00 then you will have to move the party inside. 

Catering on request or a la cart service.

Optional buffet or flying finger food.

Other services (like DJ, service, decoration etc.) can be discussed.

Contact us for more information.

Rent our Café

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